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  • Vezugen 60 caps.
    Diseases of the cardiovascular system in the world today are the leading causes of human disabilities and reduction of life expectancy. Underlying causes of diseases in this group are changes in the vascular wall, blood flow, and insufficiency in absorbing food by tissues. Taking into consideration such problems, bioregulator for vessels -Vezugen

    Vezugen has been developed which is oriented in correction of pathological changes in the blood vessels during many diseases. Vezugen is a peptide complex that contains amino acids that contribute to tissue repair and normalization of the functional state of blood vessels. A clinical study has shown that Vezugen preventions and treats patients with atherosclerosis of the heart, brain and lower limbs, with disturbance of microcirculation in various organs and tissues, psycho-emotional stress, as well as for prevention of vascular disease in elderly. It is established that the use of Vezugen in patients with atherosclerosis contributed to the improvement of general condition, normalization of sleep, especially in patients with vascular disorders. Patients with coronary heart disease manifestations observed decrease in cardiac arrhythmia, ischemia of angina attacks. Patients with hypertension experienced normalization of blood pressure with Vezugen in combination with antihypertensive drugs, it was possible to achieve long-term remission between the hypertensive crisis at a lower dose of conventional antihypertensive drugs.

    Vezugen is well tolerated by patients; there were no side effects shown, complications, contraindications and drug dependence.
    Atherosclerosis common and cerebral
    Coronary artery disease
    Hypertonic disease

    Endarteritis Systemic and local microcirculation disturbances


    The consequences from acute ischemic attacks

    Vegetative-vascular dystonia


    Varicose veins

    Psycho-emotional stress

    Exposure to extreme factors

    Prevention of vascular disease in elderly

    Application method:
    Adults: from 1 to 2 capsules, once or twice a day during food intake. Duration: 10-30 days. It is advised to repeat the procedure after 4-6 months.
    Packaging: 20 or 60 Caps.