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  • The Slim Patch is made of 100% all natural ingredients with no side effects. Its so easy to use just peel and stick and let the patch start to work. The patch works 24-hrs a day even while you are sleeping.
    The Slim Patch contains: Safflower petals, sicklepod (Chinese senna) seeds, Snakegourd fruits, Peach seeds, Chinese Prickly-ash fruits, Chinese rhubarb roots extracts.
    Slim Patch should be used along with a healthy diet and doctor recommended exercise program.

    You will see results the first week. Slim Patch will usually control your appetite within 3 days, allowing you to lose weight right away. For some people it make take longer to activate the metabolism
    In recent laboratory studies results proved that most people lose from 2 to 4 lbs. per week. There have been cases reported of as much as 6-lbs. weight loss in one week. Results will vary from person to person, determined by how well you follow your weight loss program.
    The weight you lose will depend on the total amount of weight to be lost. Some people only need one 4-week supply, others make take more time.
    Any healthy adult person can use Slim Patch. Pregnant women or people with any medical condition should not follow this weight-loss program without supervision of their health care professional.