Kleanvein Oral Liquid 100 ml

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  • Kleanvein Oral Liquid 10vials x10 ml (100ml = 3.4 fl.oz. in total)
    Harbin Yeekong Herb Inc.

    Description: Remove arterial plaque. Beneficial for the prevention and retardation of cardiovascular and cerebral diseases, such as arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral ischaemia.
    Ingredients (each 10ml contains): Radix Salvia Miltiorrhiszae (or Red Sage) 200mg, Rhizoma Ligusticum Chuanxiong (or Sichuan lovage root) 200mg, Radix Puerariae 200mg, Distilled water up to 10 ml.
    Package: 10ml/bottle, 10 bottles/box.
    Usage:1 vial each time,2 times every day. Preferred to be taken before breakfast and after dinner.
    Treatment: Kleanvein Oral Liquid guarantees to treat brain and heart diseases.
    After Six courses of treatment, the heart and brain may recover simultaneously 10ml/bottle,10bottles/box, take two bottles daily, six boxes for one treatment course.
    After using three boxes, the symptoms of palpitate and short of breath will improved, the symptoms of chest distress and palpitation lessen, the blood fat drop obviously.
    1-2 treatment courses: Palpitation disappeared, the pains of coronary heart disease and heart angina will disappear. The symptoms of thrombus, apoplexy and paralysis will improve.
    3-4 treatment courses: The blood fat drop to normal level, the walls of blood vessel are smooth and elastically. The cerebral thrombosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, hemiplegic , anesthesia, inarticulacy will be improved obviously. Both ability of hearing and vision will be improved, the patients with slight symptoms will recover to have ability to take care themselves.
    5-6 treatment courses: Coronary heart disease, angina, myocardium insufficient blood, myocardial infarction will get treatment. Patients with Middle-heavy cerebral thrombosis and palsied recovery to consecutive speaking, pronounce distinctly, express naturally and move more easily, the recovery of hemiplegic will be well soon
    Attention: Store in a cool and dry place.