Fohow Cordyceps Liquid Oral Elixir 4x30ml

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  • Fohow Oral Cordyceps Liquid 4x30ml

    The Elixir Phoenix was developed under the management of the outstanding medical worker of the present, “the doctor of the emperors of the present”, the rector of Chinese Scientific Research Institute traditional Chinese medicine and pharmaceutics, professor Tan Yuchzhi.
    On the basis of the traditional prescription of emperor family, with the application of contemporary bioengineering technologies of molecular theory and structure of cell, with the use of cryo-extracting and exclusive technology of the sub-nano-metric splitting of cellular membrane was prepared unique liquid product for the oral application - elixir “Phoenix”.

    Elixir “Phoenix” consists of the following components:
     1. Linchzhi (Ganoderma lucidum), also has name “grass of the immortal saints”. Since with the aid of Linchzhi in the antiquity they cured from hundred syndromes and hundred diseases; therefore in the people was called name “grasses of the immortal saints”: they often raised from the corpses literally with the aid of Linchzhi.

    Linchzhi possesses the effect of an increase in the immune forces of organism, strengthening of health. It possesses therapeutic effect according to the relation of many diseases. Until now, Linchzhi is the only natural preparation traditional Chinese medicine, capable of penetrating all five basic meridians of the organism of the human (heart, the liver, lungs, spleen, stomach).
    In recent years the percentage incidence of cancer considerably grew, and they treat cancer in essence by methods and by the preparations, directed braking of division and increase in the cancerous cells; however, with the use of these means and methods is a sufficiently large side effect. However, Linchzhi prevents this side effect, simultaneously increasing therapeutic. Contemporary studies in the region of medicine revealed that in Linchzhi in large quantities is contained the linchzhi acids and organic germanium; which are capable of destroying cancerous cells. Linchzhi is capable to stop the metastases of cancerous cells, it has a function of the cessation of pains, prolongation of life. Today Linchzhi is the most effective natural therapeutic anticancerous means.
    Specialist from the Taiwan center of the treatment of cancerous diseases Mr. Chen Yao's Guano gave the following characteristics in his “studies of the linchzhi effectiveness in the fight with the cancerous tumors”:
    Extract of the mycelium of linchzhi with respect to the malignant tumor of the fibre of small rats has the expressed effect of the destruction of cancerous cells, also has clearly expressed braking effect with respect to center the metastases of the cells of malignant tumor.
    During the tests for the anticancerous action was discovered, which Linchzhi noticeably increases the period of the survival of experimental animals, increases the resistibility of organism, decreases the index of the mortality of animals.
    The center of the memory of the victims of cancer (New York, the USA) and the hospital (medical center) Of Cornell during the International conference on the application of linchzhi in 1996 made the following statement: “In recent years we in America frequently use linchzhi in the sphere of the treatment of cancer and AIDS, and this question deserves close attention and study”.
    In the collector “contemporary studies of linchzhi” is indicated the following: from Linchzhi are obtained the complex substances, which consist of 4 forms mono-saccharides and 18 forms of the amino acids, which are capable of suppressing an increase in the cells of the sarcoma Of s180 with the effectiveness to 87,6%, moreover third of the tumor cells completely are destroyed.

    2. Cordyceps Chinese (Cordyceps sinesis). In one row with the ginseng and antlers, cordyceps also enters into “the top three of the Chinese pearls” of traditional Chinese medicine. Especially Cordyceps chinese, which grows in the western part of C.P.R. (Chinese Peoples' Republic), in the alpine belt of Tibet -Tibetan plateau. Cordyceps is wrapped by secrets and by myths, it is actually the pearl of Chinese traditional medicine and pharmacology. Because this and animal, and plant. It is traditionally called “insect- grass”. The life cycle of cordyceps is passed literally underground, also, above the earth, and also in summer and in winter - several seasons.
    In the pharmaceutical collector of medicinal grasses and plants of C.P.R is said: “Cordyceps penetrates two meridians - light and kidneys. Cure hundreds of insufficiency”! Since olden times cordyceps widely adapted during the treatment of cough and asthma, kidney deficiency and general apathy of organism. Especially bright effect was observed with bronchitis, chronic protracted cough, general weakness of organism, susceptibility to diseases, man impotence, prospermium and others.
    In the ancient Chinese classical medical sources is contained sufficiently much information about cordyceps.
    “Chinese summary pharmacopoeia”: cordyceps on the quality is sweet and is warm; inherently favorable action on the light and the kidneys, restores seed and bone marrow, stops hemorrhages, is moved away phlegm.
    “New summary pharmacopoeia”: cordyceps sweetish, stable, is useful for the kidneys, stops the blood with the hemorrhages, it moves away phlegm, removes the symptoms of cough.
    In the pharmaceutical collector of medicinal grasses and plants of C.P.R. is said: “Treat the insufficiency of lungs, cough, insufficiency of kidneys, man impotence, hundreds of diseases and insufficiency”.
    “Contemporary applied pharmacology”: “Cure tuberculosis, senile dementia, chronic cough, asthma, night perspiration, involuntary perspiration. Also adapts with the anemia, many forms of insufficiency, oligospermia, and is other. ”
    3. Syangu. Also names shiitake, winter fungus, Lentinus edodes, Lentinula edodes, Agaricus edodes. Has characteristic smell, excellent qualities, high nourishing and pharmaceutical value. IN the USA it was named “the nourishment of emperor”, in China was called the name “mountain pearl”. Nourishing elements in the composition has high value for human health.
    Contains the large number of plant proteins (fungus contain 20 % of protein). Has the high content of amino acids - 8 amino acids, moreover 7 amino acids these are the necessary for the human organism amino acids.
    Syangu - house of many vitamins. It contains many vitamins of B group, including the high content B1, B2, B12. It prevents anemia, improves nervous function, is the preventive maintenance of catarrh and dermatitis. Vitamin D also contains, contributing to mastering calcium. Vitamin in the composition preserves the normal metabolism of sugar, the functionality of nervous system, stimulates appetite.
    Most important is anticancer function of syangu. Polysaccharide lentinan is the strongest regulator and immune factor. In syangu inherently obvious antitumorigenic action, it contributes to the restoration of the immune function of organism after weakening in view of the tumor disease. Polysaccharides stimulate the formation of antibodies; also it increases and the function of the active protection of the internal organs of body is regulated. For this reason one should assume more Syangu into the food by the patient with tumor diseases. Syangu is also capable to reduce the content of fats in the blood. Lentinin dissolves cholesterol, reduces the content of fats in the blood, which is especially important with heart diseases and hyperlipidemia.

    Elixir “Phoenix”. Excellent raw material + ideal prescription + contemporary technologies (cryo-extracting, the most expensive component the cordyceps mycelium , the technology of the sub-nano-metric splitting of cellular membrane with almost 100% of productivity).

    Tens of millions of users, their excellent results and appreciation tell, that the elixir “Phoenix” has 8 different kinds of actions, effects:

    1. It increases the immune- shielding function of organism. Polysaccharides - highly effective contemporary immunoregulator.

    Elixer “Phoenix” raises cellular and humoral immunity, i.e., is affected both functions. An increase in the lymphocytes stimulates, the content of immunoglobulin and complement increases, an increase in interferons induces. The activity of NK- cells also increases, the specific weight of the organs of immune system (thymus gland, spleen, the liver) increases, increasing, thus, the resistibility of the human organism to different diseases. It is especially recommended to people, which endured disease and for long they are located on the stage of restoration, to people with the weak health, to the frequently being ill people with the weak resistibility. (With the catarrhal diseases it is effective to 90%, with the feverish diseases it is effective to 61%).

    Recommended dose: on 1 straw, gradually increasing dose to 5 ml in the morning and in the evening, the course of the method of 15 days, interruption on 3 days, then one additional course. Frequently to those suffering catarrhal diseases one should assume continuously to 20 days even more, which will make it possible to repeatedly decrease morbidity.

    Preventive maintenance and the treatment of cancer:
    * the mechanism of the inhibition (braking) of cancer with the intake of elixir “Phoenix”

    Elixir “Phoenix” contains the polysaccharides linchzhi (lentinan), the orgamic and amino acids of cordyceps, uridine, adenin, triterpene, polypeptide, glycopeptides, ferments, squirrel, numerous amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B12 and K, alkaloids and other effective components, and also potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, selenium and other microcells, in which is inherent very high bioactivity. They affect the human organism both independently and together according to the principle of synergism.

    The mycelium of linchzhi and cordyceps, mainly, by means of the stimulation of the activity of the acting cells (this of the LAK- cells (lymphokine- activated killers), which “are spilled” under the action of T-cells, macrophages Of [m]8, natural killers of NK- cells, lymphocytes and others) and cellular factor (interferon, interleukins, the factor of the necrosis of the tumors), control over an increase in the tumor up to the decrease of tumor is reached by strengthening the bioactive mobility of reticuloendothelial system and destruction of tumor cells. Specifically this is expressed in the following:

    1) it revives, it activates the acting cells of organism, the possibilities of organism in the fight with the tumors (poisoning tumor, the dissolution of tumor), increase, it contributes to an increase in the positive activity of the autonomous possibilities of organism on the destruction of tumor cells on the average by 82%. Synthesis and secretion of cellular factor are caused, health guarantees to the cells of organism.

    2) it inhibits (it impedes) production by the tumor cells of immunodepressant, it makes with their with those attained for the immune cell- killers, it restores and it strengthens the sensitivity of organism with respect to cancerous cells, it strengthens the anticancer function of immunity. It cleans of the free radicals, reduces the surface potential of cancerous cells, is caused the repeated mutation of cancerous genome, including the process of adjustable death of tumor cells. It also activates cells of bone marrow to the synthesis of protein, DNA, RNA; accelerates the process of multiplying the cells of bone marrow by division; it increases the hemopoietic function of bone marrow.

    3) the acid of linchzhi possesses the function of the destruction of cancerous cells. Tests for animals showed that this elixir possesses the strong braking (inhibiting) action on many forms of the reseated tumors. Is including to 82.5-89.1% effective with cancer ; to 58.5-76.2% it is effective with leukemia Of p388, to 62.1% it is effective with liver cancer AH-13, AH7974, AH-66F; to 83.1-92% it is effective with the sarcoma of sarcoma -180; to 72.2-85.7% it is effective with the ascitic carcinoma of Ehrlich (EAC); to 42.7-56% it is effective with ascitic liver cancer; to 86-98% it is effective with myo -[fibroplasticheskoy] to sarcoma.

    * the anticancerous function of elixer Phoenix.

    Elixer Phoenix possesses excellent effect with many forms of cancerous tumor at the different stages of disease, more specifically this is expressed in the following.

    1) the therapeutic effect strengthens: the method of preparation during the radio- and the chemotherapy allows inhibiting antitumorigenic effect, in this case increases the effectiveness of the action of chemotherapy on 68.3-76.5%, treatment by chemotherapy is reduced by 26%, the effectiveness of radiotherapy rises by 26.5-33.9%;

    2) possibility for the recovery of organism from the tumor is created: it returns those despairing and patients on the face of death, and also of conservatives, to the river bed of therapeutic process; possibility at this stage of disease (!) gives to continue to assume chemotherapy and treatment to patients, who compose 12.8- 26.6% of the total number. The method of preparation after operation in terms of the removal of tumor increases the recovery rate and pulling of wounds, which makes possible for man considerably to rather pass to chemo- and radiotherapy;

    3) the rapid propagation of the tumor stops: it makes possible to a certain extent solve a question with ascites, accumulation of liquid in the breast cavity;

    4) the side toxic reactions are decreased: after radio- and chemotherapy it decreases toxic side reaction, facilitates situation during the suppression of the functions of bone marrow. To 82.6-86.3% of patients have the indices of leukocytes in the limits of the standard: 52.8-67.5% of patients do not have emetic reaction, in other the vomiting ceases during 1-3 days; 16.5-25% of patients stops the process of shedding of hair; the nourishment and sleep is normalized in 96% of patients;

    5) quality of life increases: for the duration entire of the period of disease is observed a substantial improvement in the quality of life of patients, increases the volume of the food adopted, is improved sleep, is reached the state of cheerfulness, is strengthened physical force. In 92% of patients it returns within the limits of standard the indices of lymphocytes, the bolt is passed in 58%, the pains are facilitated in 73%, 65% of recumbent patients begin to arise and to move;

    6) lifetime increases: in all patients, who assume preparation in the period of treatment, the lifetime forecasted previously increases.

    3. the diseases of the respiratory system of the organism are regulated:

    Elixer Phoenix possesses the excellent anaesthetizing effect with respect to smooth muscle of trachea, stops asthma, has the expressed expectorant effect, stops cough; it possesses antiseptic antipyretic action, stopping the process of infection; the resistibility of organism to different diseases of respiratory system increases; has obvious positive result with chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and other pulmonary diseases.

    Recommended doses: on 1 straw in the morning and in the evening, gradually increasing dose to 15 ml, in 15 days to make interruption on 3 days, then the repeated method of 15 days plus of 3 days of interruption, and so before the normalization of situation; subsequently due to the individual state. To children the dose can be decreased to half.

    4. the liver protects:
    Elixir Phoenix s detoxifies, protects the liver; the metabolism of the liver with respect to of medicines, toxins activates; it preserves the structure of the cells of the liver, the synthesis of protein is regulated; it increases the regeneration abilities of the liver; it effectively increases the functions of the liver.

    Elixer Phoenix stimulates the restoration of the damaged by hepatite virus cells, it is effective to 83%. Has the clearly expressed effect with the inflammation of the liver, the sclerosis of the liver, the hepatite in others

    Application and the dose: to patient with a similar disease it should be assumed treatment by preparations Chinese medicine, daily assumed on 2 straws in the morning and in the evening, gradually increasing dose to 15 ml, for a period of 2-3 months.

    5. with the diseases of cardiovascular system, blood vessels of the brain:

    Elixer Phoenix possesses dual regulator function with respect to blood pressure, it effectively weakens coronary artery, enlarges capillary vessels, improves microcirculation, increases the supply of myocardium by oxygen, the blood is cleaned, is reduced the content in the blood it is cholesterol and average fats, it prevents appearance it contributes to the resolution of dust devils, it stimulates the circulation of the blood, it protects from [gemodefitsita] of myocardium; the formation of atherosclerotic platelets noticeably decreases. Has excellent auxiliary and preventive action with the ischemic disease, stenocardia (angina pectoris), atherosclerosis, hypotonia and hypertonia, hyperlipemia, encefalotrophia and other

    Doses: to daily assume on 2 straws in the morning and in the evening, gradually increasing dose to 15 ml, uninterruptedly for a period of 2 months.

    6. it adapts during preventive maintenance and treatment of diabetes mellitus:

    Elixir Phoenix has the low content of sugar, it contributes to the acceleration of the metabolism of glucose, than is decreased the consistency of insulin in the serum, caused by blood sugar; has clear auxiliary effect with respect to the symptoms, caused by diabetes mellitus, such as ischemic disease, hypertonia and others furthermore, is capable to restore pathologic glomeruli; has double therapeutic- reducing action with the nephritis, the kidney deficiency, uremia and others

    Doses: in the morning and in the evening on 1 straw, gradually increasing dose to 15 ml.

    7. Regulator CNS, increases the quality of sleep, it is effective with the complex symptoms in the climacteric period.

    Elixir Phoenix has a property to calm nerves, to calm pain; renders substantial improvement with insomnia, syndrome of forgetfulness, vertigo, general weakness and the loss of forces, rheumatic pain in the back and the pains in the elbows, with different kind painful syndromes, also with the impotence, oligospermia and other, the effectiveness reaching 96%. Furthermore, renders excellent effect with the complex symptoms, caused by the climacteric period: general neuroses, light excitability, poor sleep and to insomnia, the unbalance of endocrine system and others

    Doses: in the morning and in the evening on 1 straw, gradually increasing dose to 15 ml.

    8. it renders action during the overstrain, the excessive consumption of alcohol, has auxiliary detocation.

    Overstrain is caused by excessive sport loads and hard labor, which leads to an increase in the organism of free radicals, which causes the overacidification of lipids. Elixir Phoenix is capable to derive from the organism free radicals, which makes it possible to remove the specifying reasons for the overacidification of lipids, but this it in turn not only conducts to the fastest restoration of organism from the overstrain, but also it effectively prevents the appearance of exhaustions and other symptoms.

    Elixir Phoenix, how much useful in one box?!

    We recommend: method during 15 days to calculate as 1 course of method; is best to make 2 courses of method contract. If doubt to the preparation appears, can try to begin with smaller doses, i.e., begin from one box.

    1. action with the overstrain, the chronic fatigue.

    Work in the night shift or night after the control easily they can lead to the fatigue. One box of elixer Phoenix will be sufficient in order to overcome fatigue. This product also approaches to the athletes, who experience significant overloads during the trainings.

    2. improves sleep, insomnia is regulated.
    Linchzhi in the composition of elixir Phoenix has the action damping nervous system, the intake of one bottle of elixir Phoenix improves the quality of your sleep.

    One should emphasize that elixir Phoenix stimulates not as a result of the hormones or of caffeine, in their composition no; an improvement in the sleep also occurs not because of the calming means and is other components! This dual expressed effect appears because of the regulator action and reaching of the balance of all systems of organism, this is the bidirectional regulation. Elixir Phoenix also renders dual regulator action on the blood pressure and blood sugar.

    3. action with a cold renders.
    In the initial period of catarrhal disease, as soon as appeared the signs of a cold, indisposition, the method of the 2nd bottles helps to very rapidly remove the symptoms of disease, to avoid the basic phase of disease.

    4. antialcoholic effect.
    The method of 1-2 bottles before the use of alcoholic makes it possible to drink considerably more than standard without the consequences; so the intake of 1-2 bottles of elixir Phoenix after the significant dose of alcoholic makes it possible to avoid syndrome “next day”, when head aches, are perceived weakness, pains in extremities and others

    5. clearly remove the symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, (asthma).
    Nonstop cough after the previous cold or the bronchopulmonary diseases, accompanied by cough, by asthma. Should be assumed two times a day - in the morning and in the evening - half bottle; moreover effect is visible already after the first box. One should use prolongedly. With a constant cough the children has very expressed effect: children should be assumed not more than half of bottle during the day, in the morning and in the evening.

    Elixir Phoenix - these are classical alloy, the ideal combination of the ancient prescription of traditional Chinese medicine and super-contemporary scientific biotechnology. There is a radical difference between methodology and ideology of contemporary western pharmacology and traditional Chinese pharmaceutics; western medicine distinguishes the state of disease and health by the digitized standards, are used the rigid methods of the suppression of disease with the aid of the antibiotics, the scalpel and the radiotherapy, and Chinese medical culture lays emphasis on complex, general regulation, emphasizing the smoothness of the transformation of a quantity into the quality, the tendency to completely remove the reason for disease. In the tradition of the maintenance of health in the West is paid primary attention to the function “of cleaning” of organism and “the restoration” of the resources of organism (vitamins, minerals). However, and concept they do not have in the West - is not given value, they do not realize miracle - this function as regulator function. “Regulation” - these are basis, the most significant functional secret of tradicional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese pharmaceutics. With the aid of the regulation are reached complete equilibrium in the organism between the elements - tree, fire, the earth, metal, water - between the internal systems of the human body, leading into harmony “internal universe.

    Elixir Phoenix - these are unique ancient prescription, excellent high-quality raw material, advanced technology - three major advantages, which make elixir Phoenix best of the best preparations of a series “of regulation” among the means of the traditional culture of the maintenance of health.

    It is recommended: with different symptoms, to people with the weakened organism; to people, which have strong physical and mental loads; to the persons in the pre-disease state.
    Methods of application and dose:
    Elixir Phoenix and Elixir of Tree Treasures
    Liquid preparations it is better to use in the morning hours (from 6 to 9 hours) immediately after awakening. Before their application is recommended to rinse mouth, to clean attack from language and to drink half glass of warm water. The bottle should be shaken up before the method. A afterward necessary quantity of preparation starts in inward. For this it is possible to use accompanying straw or for the more precision determination of a quantity of preparation it is expedient to use the graduated syringes. The open bottle should be held in the dark and cool place. To breakfast is possible approximately through half-hour. In the case of the simultaneous method of several containing cordyceps preparations, is possible the method of other preparations before dinner and supper.
    Preventive application
    Adult to 5 ml during the day in the course of 1-2 months.

    Expediently seasonal application of the preparation (in spring and in autumn) and in the period of the flashes of different virus infections (influenza and others)

    To children are used smaller doses, depending on the age

    Indications and the duration of the health-improvement courses

    * the disease of cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis, stenocardia, ischemic disease, infarction, postmyocardial infarction state, thromboses, thrombophlebitis, the disturbance of cardiac rhythm, hypertonia and of others): 1- 2 months
    * the disease of the digestive tract (gastritis, ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, enterocolites, colites, dysbacteriosis and other): 1 - 2 months
    * the disease of the liver (hepatites, cirrhosis): 1- 2 months
    * the disease of endocrine system (thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus and of others): 1- 2 months
    * precancerous diseases (during the first stage treatment): 1 packing (4 bottles);
    * oncologic diseases (during the first stage treatment): 1 packing (4 bottles);
    * hematologic diseases (during the first stage treatment): 1 packing (4 bottles);
    * acute virus diseases (adenoviruses, influenza): 1 bottles at the increased doses;
    * virus diseases (herpes, hepatite and other): 15- 30 days;
    * LOR disease (purulent angina): the gargling of throat and the method of preparation in inward: 1 week;
    * eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma): burial into the eyes;
    * nervous breakdown (insomnia, the increased excitability, neuroses, apathy, chronic fatigue): 15- 30 days;
    * the general exhaustion of the organism: 1 2 months;
    * the disease of supporting-motor apparatus (arthritis, arthroses and other): the prolonged application of different containing cordyceps preparations, on one of the stages it is possible to use this preparation during 15- 30 days;
    * the allergic diseases: before the disappearance of symptoms;
    * the autoimmune diseases: 1- 2 months;
    * the disease of the blood (during the first stage treatment): 1 packing (4 bottles);
    * other illnesses - the duration of course is selected individually

    With the cataract and the glaucoma “elixir three treasures Phoenix” can be buried into the eyes (one-two time in the day). With the appearance of a feeling of burning in the eyes it is possible to divorce preparation with the destilled water in relationship 1:1 and to continue burial. The honey being present in Bad rarely can cause allergic manifestations, in that case - end the burial of preparation. Course - from one to two months.

    With purulent angina is shown the gargling of throat “by elixir Phoenix” (3- of 5 ml) during three-five minutes of 2 times in the day.

    With a sudden increase in the temperature because of different infections of virus or bacterial origin is recommended the single use of preparation in large quantities (with adult: on the average from 1/4 to 1/2 parts of the bottle, and with the insufficient effect - and more). Most frequently the symptoms of disease become more effaced either they disappear, and temperature noticeably is reduced or is normalized in sufficiently short time - from 20-30 minutes to two-three hours.
    Children's doses:
    To children up to 1 year it is assigned on several (one-two) drop during the day. So insignificant a quantity of preparation before the method can be divorced by water. Newly born it is possible to use one drop of preparation during the day. With each month of life to children up to one year it is possible to add 0,1 ml to year old child it is possible to assign on 1 ml in a 24 hour period.

    To children of elder age it is possible preparation to assign in inward in the following average quantities:
    from 1 year to 2 years - on 1 -1,5 ml during the day;
    from 2 to 3 years - on 1,5 - 2,0 ml during the day;
    from 3 to 5 years - on 2,0 - 2,5 ml during the day;
    from 5 to 7 years - on 2,5 - 3,0 ml during the day;
    from 7 to 10 years - on 3,0 - 3,5 ml during the day;
    from 10 to 12 years - on 3,5 - 4,0 ml during the day;
    from 12 to 14 years - on 4,0 - 4,5 ml during the day;
    from 14 to 16 years - on 4,5 - 5,0 ml during the day
    Adult doses:
    For the purpose of sanitation we propose preparation to assume in inward at the following doses:
    The first bottle - on is 2nd 3 ml during the day;
    Second bottle - on 3-4 ml during the day;
    the 3rd bottle - and the 4th bottles - on 4 5 ml during the day;

    1. duration of the courses and doses of preparations are selected individually depending on the state of the organism, existing of disease and noted effect from the application of data of bioimmunoregulators of quick action. Therefore sometimes doses can be more significant;
    2. in the majority of the cases “elixir Phoenix” it is expedient to use not less than one-two months. Courses can be repeated with the presence of indications subsequently after the specific interruption. Is if necessary possible the very prolonged or constant method of this either other containing cordyceps, or their alternation. With the oncologic and hematologic diseases by the patient we recommend to constantly use the liquid forms of cordyceps (“elixir Phoenix” and “the elixir of 3 treasures Phoenix”) in the optimum dosage, constantly alternating them, or assigning simultaneously - one preparation in the morning, by another evening.
    3. all preparations, which contain cordyceps, their especially concentrated liquid forms, with the presence of chronic diseases are assigned only against the background the application of traditional drugs. Only subsequently with the achievement of the specific level of bioregulation doctors can try to gradually decrease a quantity or the doses of medicines, and with reaching of steadfast bioregulation - abolish some medical preparations.
    4. containing cordyceps preparations can be safely used with all other biologically active additives and drugs.
    5. for the purpose of the prevention of the possible development of the single short-term aggravations of different chronic diseases, (especially the hypertonia, urolithic and bile stones- diseases), because of the use of biologically active additives, we recommend in the initial stage to use the low doses of the containing cordyceps preparations, gradually increasing them to the optimum during it is 5th 10 days. Usually we begin the method of the biologically active additives, which contain cordyceps, first of all the liquid concentrated forms - “elixir Phoenix” and “the elixir of 3 treasures Phoenix” with 0,25 - 0,5 ml, daily increasing dose by the same quantity of preparation.
    6. in two or three months health-improvement courses can be repeated;
    The bottle should be shaken up before the method.
    Standard of the packing: in the box of 4 bottles on 30 ml