Cordyceps sinensis Oral Liquid 100 ml

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  • Cordyceps Sinensis Oral Liquid 10vials x10 ml (100ml = 3.4 fl.oz. in total)
    Harbin Yeekong Herb Inc.
    Anti-oxidation; resist radiation; anti-virus; remove harmful free radicals in the human body; prevent cancer disease and reduce the risk of cancer; lower harm form chemotherapy; effectively improve the efficacy of anti-cancer drugs; improve immunity.
    Health benefits: Effective in regulating and normalising the body rhythms such as the heart. No side effect was detected when the product is used by sufferer of over two hundred different ailments.
    -It has diuretic effect that efficiently eliminates toxins from the kidney. In China medicine, it is used to treat variety of kidney diseases.
    -Strengthens the immune system. Besides assisting the efficacy of various treatments, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it reduces the level of side effects of theses methods that a patient usually experiences.
    -For the elderly, this product provides remarkable benefits for numerous complaints from relieving rheumatoid arthritis, delay the onset of senile dementia, to rectifying some man's dysfunctions.
    -It fortifies the immune system and natural defence from diseases.
    -By effectively controlling the level of fatty proteins, it reduces the risk of coronary diseases and stroke.
    -Anti-aging property in the regeneration of cells.
    Main ingredient: Cordyceps Sinensis.
    Ingredients (each 10ml contains): Cordyceps Sinensis Extract 50mg, Fructoce 300mg, water 9650mg.
    Package: 10ml/bottle, 10 bottles/box.
    Direction: Dietary supplement for adults. Usage: one bottle twice daily.
    Attention: Store in a cool and dry place.
    Warning: Dietary supplement can not be used as medicine.