Cerebral capsules Linchzhi Phoenix (Fohow Linchzhi)

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  • Cerebral capsules Linchzhi Phoenix (Fohow Linchzhi)

    They since olden times consider that Linchzhi produce the effect “of the damping of spirit”, “the additions of wisdom”,“the aggravations of memory”.
    It adapts as the means, which retards aging, which regulates the state of nervous system, which is characterized by antitumorigenic effect and which improves cerebral blood circulation.


    Linchzhi were called “the plant of eternal youth”. Into the composition of capsules Linchzhi Phoenix enters the mycelium - most valuable form of linchzhi..
    Composition: the powder of the linchzhi mycelium, the powder of linchzhi ascospora, the powder of cordyceps mycelium.
    The technology of splitting cellular membrane helps to maximally preserve the active constituents of raw material; the technology of nano- micro- conversion makes it possible to considerably increase the level of the biological mastering of active constituents.

    Kordyceps Chinese in combination with the high-quality linchzhi is capable very to rapidly and maximally ensure the brain of man with the necessary nourishing components, to increase the functional abilities of brain.
    Capsules “Linchzhi Phoenix” substantially improve blood circulation in the head and spinal cord, contributing to the best delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the nerve cells, to the certain degree they regenerate the damaged cells of the brain, are restored the connections between them they accelerate the transmission of information. Preparation successfully adapts during the disturbances of blood circulation in the head and spinal cord, including after the previous strokes.
    The application of these capsules noticeably improves mood, increases fitness for work. Preparation is useful to those people, who wants to develop his memory, to increase intellect, to improve capabilities for instruction, study of languages.
    Indications, dose and the duration of health-improvement courses.
    worsening in the sight, rumor (especially in the persons of elderly age) – 1- 2 packing on 1- 2 capsules pass;
    mental fatigue, reduction in the concentration of attention - 1 packing on 0,5 - 1 to capsule during the day;
    migraine, the disorder of the sleep - 1 of 2 packing on 1- 2 capsule during the day;
    vegetovascular dystonia - 1 packing on 0,5 - 1 to capsule during the day;
    neuralgic pains, osteochondrosis, intervertebral ruptures and the like – 1-2 packing on 1-2 capsules pass;
    atherosclerosis of the vessels of brain – 1-3 packing on 1-3 capsules during the day;
    state after the previous stroke - 1 of 4 packing on 1-3 capsules during the day;
    obesity (some of its forms, including obesity of central origin) - on 1- 2 capsules during the day in the course of 1- 2 months;
    the delay of mental development - individual doses depending on age in the course of several months;
    worsening in the memory, dementia in elderly people, Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia – 1-3 capsules pass - several months;
    multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease - 2- 4 capsules during the day - several months;
    depression, stress state - on 0,5 - 2 capsules during the day - several weeks;
    epilepsy - in the course of several months. Dose is established individually. Usually 1- 2 capsules during the day.
    The sleep sometimes can be destroyed with the method of capsules in the evening time. It is in that case more expedient them to assume the morning or before the dinner.
    The method of capsules during the first 2-6 days must be begun from the small doses (0,5 contents of capsule), with especially sick atherosclerosis of the vessels of brain, which endured stroke and sick with psychic illnesses. Preparation can be assigned immediately after ischemic stroke and 4-6 months after hemorrhagic stroke.
    Two versions of the application of capsules are possible with the migraine. Either during the assault the single method of the effective dose of preparation or a constant method of preparation in the effective dosage in the course of one-two months.
    With Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and also with many other illnesses by a gradual increase in the quantity of the preparation used we establish effective dose and we use preparation in the course of several months.
    Is possible single method (examination session, stress situation, the fatigue, which forthcomes hard physical work, prolonged trip on automobile so forth).
    Should be noted positive effect from the application in children with the delay of mental development.
    To children preparation can be assigned from the early age - from one-and-a-half years. Doses are selected smaller, with respect to age. Of up to 3-4 years daily are assigned 1/5- ¼ part of the contents of capsule, from 4 to 8 years - on 1/3 - ½ the part of the contents of capsule during the day. At the age from 9 to 12 and more than years the dose can be gradually if necessary increased to 1 capsule during the day.
    It is possible to draw the conclusion that the dose of preparation is established individually, and its value depends on effectiveness.
    Basic components:
    50% linchzhi mycelium power
    30% cordyceps mycelium power
    20% lichzhi ascosporium power
    1. Linchzhi (Ganoderma), also has name “grass of the immortal saints”. Since with the aid of Linchzhi in the antiquity they cured from hundred syndromes and hundred diseases; therefore in the people was called name “grasses of the immortal saints”: they often raised from the corpses literally with the aid of Linchzhi.

    Linchzhi possesses the effect of an increase in the immune forces of organism, strengthening of health. It possesses therapeutic effect according to the relation of many diseases. Until now, Linchzhi is the only natural preparation traditional Chinese medicine, capable of penetrating all five basic meridians of the organism of the human (heart, the liver, lungs, spleen, stomach).

    In recent years the percentage incidence of cancer considerably grew, and they treat cancer in essence by methods and by the preparations, directed braking of division and increase in the cancerous cells; however, with the use of these means and methods is a sufficiently large side effect. However, Linchzhi prevents this side effect, simultaneously increasing therapeutic. Contemporary studies in the region of medicine revealed that in Linchzhi in large quantities is contained the linchzhi acids and organic germanium; which are capable of destroying cancerous cells. Linchzhi is capable to stop the metastases of cancerous cells, it has a function of the cessation of pains, prolongation of life. Today Linchzhi is the most effective natural therapeutic anticancerous means.

    Cerebral capsules Linchzhi Phoenix (Fohow Linchzhi) 

    Specialist from the Taiwan center of the treatment of cancerous diseases Mr. Chen to Yao's guano gave the following characteristics in his “studies of the linchzhi effectiveness in the fight with the cancerous tumors”:

    Extrakct the mycelium of linchzhi with respect to the malignant tumor of the fibre of small rats has the expressed effect of the destruction of cancerous cells, also has clearly expressed braking effect with respect to center the metastases of the cells of malignant tumor.

    During the tests for the anticancerous action was discovered, which Linchzhi noticeably increases the period of the survival of experimental animals, increases the resistibility of organism, decreases the index of the mortality of animals.

    The center of the memory of the victims of cancer (New York, the USA) and the hospital (medical center) Of Cornell during the International conference on the application of linchzhi in 1996 made the following statement: “In recent years we in America frequently use linchzhi in the sphere of the treatment of cancer and AIDS, and this question deserves close attention and study”.

    In the collector “contemporary studies of linchzh” is indicated the following: from Linchzhi are obtained the complex substances, which consist of 4 forms mono-saccharides and 18 forms of the amino acids, which are capable of suppressing an increase in the cells of the sarcoma Of s180 with the effectiveness to 87,6%, moreover third of the tumor cells completely are destroyed.

    2. Cordyceps Chinese. In one row with the ginseng and antlers, cordyceps also enters into “the top three of the Chinese pearls” of traditional Chinese medicine. Especially Cordyceps chinese, which grows in the western part of C.P.R. (Chinese Peoples' Republic), in the alpine belt of Tibet -Tibetan plateau. Cordyceps is wrapped by secrets and by myths, it is actually the pearl of Chinese traditional medicine and pharmacology. Because this and animal, and plant. It is traditionally called “insect- grass”. The life cycle of cordyceps is passed literally underground, also, above the earth, and also in summer and in winter - several seasons.

    In the pharmaceutical collector of medicinal grasses and plants of C.P.R is said: “Cordyceps penetrates two meridians - light and kidneys. Cure hundreds of insufficiency”! Since olden times cordyceps widely adapted during the treatment of cough and asthma, kidney deficiency and general apathy of organism. Especially bright effect was observed with bronchitis, chronic protracted cough, general weakness of organism, susceptibility to diseases, man impotence, prospermium and others

    In the ancient Chinese classical medical sources is contained sufficiently much information about cordyceps.

    “Chinese summary pharmacopoeia”: cordyceps on the quality is sweet and is warm; inherently favorable action on the light and the kidneys, restores seed and bone marrow, stops hemorrhages, is moved away phlegm.

    “New summary pharmacopoeia”: cordyceps sweetish, stable, is useful for the kidneys, stops the blood with the hemorrhages, it moves away phlegm, removes the symptoms of cough.

    In the pharmaceutical collector of medicinal grasses and plants of C.P.R. is said: “Treat the insufficiency of lungs, cough, insufficiency of kidneys, man impotence, hundreds of diseases and insufficiency”.

    “Contemporary applied pharmacology”: “Cure tuberculosis, senile dementia, chronic cough, asthma, night perspiration, involuntary perspiration. Also adapts with the anemia, many forms of insufficiency, oligospermia, and is other. ”

    Ascosporium linchzhi are rich in protein, amino acids, polypeptide, polysaccharides, terpenes, vitamins, biological alkali, organic germanium and other useful components. In tumor patients improves the transference of radio- and chemotherapies, operations; it also helps to considerably more easily transfer a drop in the leukocytes of the blood and the loss of appetite as the consequence of the operation, radio- or chemotherapy. It increases the immune functions of organism in cancerous patients, strengthens the resistibility of organism to tumors. Capsules Linchzhi Phoenix possess dual total effect - linchzhi and cordyceps chinese. They have this action as retarding the development of tumor, strengthening heart, protection of the liver, regulation of blood pressure, reduction in the sugar in the blood, removal of fatigue, retarding aging processes, calming action, an improvement in the quality of sleep and others strengthens body, it stimulates the production of seed, it restores from within and outside, it contributes to longevity, for a long time preserves the youth of organism. It is recommended to people of average and elder age category; to people weakened by disease, in the postoperative reducing period; during the chemotherapy. Method of the method: are oral 2 capsules of 2 times in the day, in the morning and in the evening. They are suitable for regular application.

    Form of the release: in the packing of 24 capsules at 0,3 g.
    Storage conditions: in the dry place.